2021年AlohaEigoNPO 年次総会開催




代表挨拶 Greeting Speech From Tempi

Welcome to AlohaEigoNPO 2021, our sixth year! It’s been a challenging year, and still we are unsure when things will get back to normal.But, we haven’t give up. We are still doing our best to keep the kids in school. We don’t want  them to quit on their future.

We are  supporting 63 high school and junior high students this coming year. I personally massaged 200 previously sponsored students on social media and invited them to apply. Some said they had to quit school due to financial hardships. Some had transferred to another school, but many either didn’t respond or couldn’t respond due to lack of internet access at home. We also have seven university students enrolled in the work-study program. They each volunteer helping younger students 20 days a year, plus one day  helping distribute rice in the Manila. This past year, we waved this requirement due to quarantine restriction in the province.

The rise in summer of the Delta variant and likely return of COVID-19 in winter means this will probably continue at least until 2022. I asked one of our university students, Kristine to get pictures and video interviews of all sponsored students. When quarantine is lifted, she will visit student’s homes, since in-class instruction has been suspended in the Philippines again for the next school year. Due to the restriction, we probably will not be allowed to travel to Manila for another year. It will continue to be a hardship for the students.  Many don’t have internet access, and some have no electricity. It is nearly an impossible situation for leaning. in 2019, I hoped we could start some program to help students build IT skills. This would have helped a lot the past year, but unfortunately we started too late. When we are able to visit again, I think it would be a good idea to try again. We were also planning an exploratory visit into the northern villages of Vietnam for 2020 as possible expansion for  AlohaEigoNPO. Perhaps we can try again in 2022.

Our volunteers staff in the Philippines are Corazon in Itogon, Denden in Manila and Clarissa in Angeles City, and when they are allowed to travel, I will send them sponsorship funds. The parents will pay tuition, and will get reimbursed those fees. This will ensure those getting support actually are enrolled in school, since we can not be there ourselves to interview them. University students will get their funds on a monthly basis based on how many days they worked beginning in September, up to 20. I will send funds directly to their bank account or their phone e-wallet using cryptocurrency, converted into Philippine Peso.

I certainly hope we can return to normalcy soon. I look forward to more  public events hopefully in 2022 to share with the public the work that we do. Many small charities have not survived this past year, but we are still here and just waiting to jump back into action. Let’s stay strong and do our best going forward.



事業の成果 関西圏における日本人に対し国際コミュニケーション能力向上のための教育(英語教育)と、ラ ンティアを行う必要性に対しての教育・啓蒙。 

①活動報告 フィリンへのランティア
コロナ禍において現地の物資提供、ボランティア活動ができず、昨年度に続き2020年11月 バギオ 中学・高校へ100名の生徒の教育支援事業 として学費支援を実施

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