Annual Meeting of Aloha Eigo NPO 2019

Annual Meeting of Aloha Eigo NPO 2019

Today’s schedule: 

  • NPO progress from Akiko Okano
  • Greeting from Tempi
  • Business reports and accounting reports from Eisuke Munakata
  • Business plan
  • Member introduction
  • Report on July 7, 2019 from David
  • Socializing


Business Report Period: July 1, 2018  – June 30, 2018 

Activity results:

Improved communication of NPO activities with Japanese people in the Kansai region, and education of the need for volunteers.  Since last year, we have been able to participate in many volunteer activities, actively engaged in friendship and information exchange, and welcomed new members.

Accounting Report
▶ 2018年 事業報告・会計報告

Activity report:

Volunteering in the Philippines:

(tutoring of students, purchasing of school supplies, tuition support, food and clothing distribution)

  •       August 13-20, 2018
  •       November 21-25, 2018
  •       June 7-10, 2019
Participated in Earth Day Kobe:
  •    May 4, 5th, 2019
  1.    LINE Member information sharing
  2.    HP and Instagram created (separate from English school)
  3.    Submitting the documents to Hirakata City after the general meeting (1 Business Report Submission, 2 Business Report, 3 Activity Statement, 4 Balance Sheet, 5 Property List, 6 Directors for the Previous Fiscal Year, 7 Employees for the Previous Fiscal Year)


Activity plan

  • General meeting: scheduled for August 2020 (Members must attend)
  • Changes to the Articles of Incorporation
  1.     Change of directors
  2.     The Articles of Incorporation email correspondence
  • Meeting operations/tasks

General Plans

  • Determination of annual budget
  • Members meetings/Directors meetings

Finance (issues)

  • About operating expenses for NPO activities
  • Application for subsidies (requiring local NPO activities)
  • Tax accountant fees