Our Mission

AlohaEigoNPO was created to fulfill a need that no other charity helping impoverished people in the Philippines is meeting.

There are many organizations that accept donations to feed and educate needy children. Though, it is unclear where donations actually go, with most charities either being inefficient, corrupt, or wasted funds on religious activities. 100% of our donations (minus credit card fees) goes directly towards helping impoverished people. We purchase and distribute relief directly and post receipts publicly. Nothing is lost in administration costs or travel expenses.

Our second focus is to guide those wanting to volunteer abroad. Other organizations that arrange volunteering opportunities abroad charge very high fees, on top of normal travel expenses. Our volunteers pay only their own travel expenses (airfare, food, housing, etc.). We charge no fees. Though most volunteers do help buy rice for the slum residents or help students with tuition support.

We are a non-profit, as we the board members bear the costs of running the NPO ourselves. We are here to serve donors, volunteers, and those suffering hardships with no motivation of financial gain.